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TELL ME ABOUT ... New art show at Cnoc Buí

April 7th, 2024 7:45 PM

TELL ME ABOUT ... New art show at Cnoc Buí Image

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Colour Theories is a solo exhibition taking place at Cnoc Bui Arts Centre, Union Hall by artist Lesley Cox

So Lesley, what is Colour Theories?

 It is a series of oil paintings on canvas, paper, and board that I have been working on for the last two years. 

What are the inspirations behind Colour Theories?

I have been trying to gain a deeper understanding on the use of colour in my practise. There is an entire science behind colour theory and I have also been researching that as part of the work. All humans perceive colour differently. We see colours through a complex process that involves our eyes, brain, and the surrounding environment and we make subliminal connections to events or memories in our own lives.  When I introduce a colour, these are the questions I am trying to answer: Are they working tonally, are they compatible, should they be, is there a conversation happening, is there a connection made? Some famous artists used colour theory in their work including Mark Rothko, Vincent Van Gogh, and Matisse.

How long have you been an artist?

My mother taught me to paint when I was very young, so I have grown up painting. We moved from Dublin to West Cork 17 years ago and settled in Rossmore, just outside Clonakilty. Of course, I continued to paint surrounded by so much inspiration in beautiful West Cork. Eventually, I went back to college on Sherkin Island (DTU) and complete a BA in Visual Art in 2016, I then went on to earn a Master in Arts and Process with Crawford College of Art, (MTU) in 2017. Both disciplines have really given me the confidence to begin my own practice and I began showing my work in galleries in West Cork and throughout Ireland. To date I’ve had a number of solo and group shows and enjoy art residencies throughout Ireland and abroad. 

What materials do you use? 

I use oil paint, cold wax and oil pastels. These are laid on the linen canvas, board or paper with a palette knife with which I build up layers of colour and texture. I also use the knife to scrape back paint to reveal colour beneath and this adds to the texture and an element of chance which I like because you cannot control the application entirely or what is revealed.  

Where is it on at Cnoc Bui?

The show is on in Cnoc Bui Arts Centre, Union Hall. It runs from 18th April to May 7th, Wednesday to Sunday 11-5pm. Opening night is the 18th April with reception. I will be there every Saturday during this time. Cnoc Bui is a wonderful old farmhouse overlooking the water in beautiful Union Hall. At present the entire first floor, five big rooms, have been repurposed to facilitate exhibitions by artists and for use by the local community. I am lucky enough to exhibit in the big Conservatory Room and Lizzies Room. At the same time as my solo show, artists Sandie Hicks and Tom Weld will be in adjoining rooms with their two person show in the Parlour, the Priests Room and the Garden Room. 

Connected and below, Autumn Hedge, two of the works by Lesley Cox in her upcoming exhibition in Union Hall.

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