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Irene’s Galley Head-inspired play set for city

May 20th, 2024 9:53 PM

By Southern Star Team

Irene’s Galley Head-inspired play set for city Image
Galley Head lighthouse is an iconic landmark on the south west coast. (Photo: Kieran Hayes)

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A PLAY inspired by a stay at the Galley Head Lighthouse is set to be performed later this month.

A Safe Passage by writer and actor Irene Kelleher will be performed in the Cork Arts Theatre from May 21st to 25th. ‘I am excited to be back in the rehearsal room, after almost two years, working on this new version of A Safe Passage,’ said Irene.

‘This is my fifth play. The idea was born out of my stay at Galley Head Lighthouse.

‘After the premiere at the Cork Midsummer 2022, and from watching the US production of the play in New Hampshire, at the HatBox Theatre in October 2022, I made a decision to rework the text. The latest version, while it has the same premise and explores dark topics, does so with less of a heavy-hand, with more of a sense of play. I think this version gives us two characters that the audience will care about and I am excited to see them come to life at Cork Arts Theatre,’ added Irene.

Her first play, Mary & Me toured to critical acclaim and is also an RTÉ-produced radio play. Directed by Geoff Gould of West Cork Fit-up Festival fame, A Safe Passage is a story of lost and found, of isolation, and the need for human connection.

Award-winning Blood in the Alley Theatre Company present the play after its sold-out run at Cork Midsummerfest in 2022. The company previously presented work by Irish playwrights including Conal Creedon and Michael Lovett.

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