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Ireland’s ‘double take’

March 27th, 2022 11:40 PM

Ireland’s ‘double take’ Image

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Last weekend’s double bank holiday was a pretty unique experience for most of us. Leaving the day job on a Wednesday and not returning until the Monday – without a mention of Easter or Christmas, was indeed an unusual feeling.

The novelty of a bank holiday Friday – coming straight after St Patrick’s Day – was a real treat. Many of us forgot the real reason for the day – to remember those who we had lost to Covid. 

But several people remarked that a bank holiday Friday seemed almost ‘better value’ than a bank holiday Monday. There was less of a sense of panic returning to the office on the Monday than the usual post-holiday anxiety that a Tuesday morning can bring.

It gave us all food for thought – maybe we could swap a few of our Monday holidays for Fridays, while we are thinking about where to place that new day off next year?

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