He has the right attitude

August 29th, 2021 11:40 PM

By Southern Star Team

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The feisty walrus that has been gracing our coastline, on and off, for the past few months, seems to be in no hurry to get home to the Arctic. Although he does have a penchant for small, white motorboats in sheltered harbours, which might imply he is on the lookout for a floating iceberg on which to rest his sometimes weary head. Wildlife experts cannot agree on the best way to deal with him (or her, the gender has not been confirmed) over the summer. Some have provided makeshift pontoons, retired RIBs and floating ‘sofas’ – while others say just leave him be; there are plenty of sheltered spots where he/she can rest.

But whatever the outcome, Wally has certainly put a smile on the faces of so many people with his toothy grin and his ability to wriggle himself into the driving seat of several smart leisure craft. He seems content, for now, to lounge around the coast of West Cork and avail of hospitality wherever he can find it. Maybe we should all take a leaf out of Wally’s laid-back book of life.

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