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A strategic diversion?

February 1st, 2023 10:10 PM

A strategic diversion? Image

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THE ongoing row over Paschal Donohoe’s election posters is taking up a lot of time in the Dáil, and in both print and broadcast media. 

It is difficult to believe the public feels as energised by this story as many journalists or indeed politicians.

In fact, there is every chance that if politicians waste any more time on a relatively trivial matter, in the general scheme of the challenges this country is currently facing, they will see the results in the next election.

Of course, it may suit the government parties too. While column inches and hours of debate are taken up with who paid for what posters to be erected, then that space and time cannot be spent focusing on the lack of housing, rising mortgages, the refugee crisis or the failing health service. Interesting, that.

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