Nothing negative about students’ photo business

February 28th, 2020 10:05 PM

By Emma Connolly

Nathan Kingston and Finbarr Browne recently started their own audio visual business in Brookpark in Dunmanway. The two young entrepreneurs provide various services, including drone work, photograph and video restoration, media transfer and event photography. (Photo: Andy Gibson)

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A MOULDY and badly damaged wedding video from the eighties has been brought back to life by two talented Dunmanway entrepreneurs.

Finn Browne and Nathan Kingston, both fifth year students in MICC, are the brains behind a new business called ‘We Take, We Make.’

As the name suggests, they take people’s old videos and edit them to make DVDs; they can turn old negatives into prints or turn old photos into movies – the options are endless and they have the skills and the equipment to deliver them.

Restoring a West Cork couple’s wedding video from 1982 was one of their most recent successes, said Nathan. In fact, the couple said the new version was even better quality than the original!

They also have lots of customers who want videos of old and cherished matches (perhaps featuring their younger selves!) made digital.

The duo, who became friends in fourth year, ‘clicked’ over their love of photography. Finn is a well established drone photographer whose work has already appeared in The Southern Star, while Nathan has a passion for photography in general, and they were given the task of filming their school’s play at the end of last year.

On a recent school trip to Brookpark Enterprise Centre in Dunmanway, they met its chairman Peter Walsh who offered them space to run a pop-up during mid term and Nathan said the interest this had generated had been incredible.

‘The broadband there made a huge difference for starters, and on one single day we got 13 new orders,’ he said.

The lads have an impressive suite of equipment, including two high powered computers they impressively built themselves, and they are self-taught.

They paid for their gear by working as farming contractors last summer.

Nathan says its early days but they’re committed to developing the business, while not neglecting their school work. Working in this area after school is their ambition, he said.

For more more information on Finn and Nathan’s new firm, see We Take We Make on Facebook and Instagram.

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