Book celebrates Jeffers of Bandon

November 21st, 2021 11:50 AM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Author Isla Jeffers signing a copy of her book Jeffers of Bandon – a History for Annette Bryan from Carhoo. (Photo: Martin Walsh)

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A NEW book detailing the extraordinary journey of Jeffers of Bandon, which became the first supermarket in West Cork in 1960, has recently been published.

Written by Isla Jeffers during the lockdown, ‘Jeffers of Bandon – a History’ tracks the journey from John Jeffers humble beginnings in 1855 as a Bandon grocers’ messenger boy to Jeffers’ growth into one of the biggest employers in the area.

The book is packed with photographs from their many businesses including grocery, bakery, auctioneering, milling, wholesale and café.

‘Read how as Protestant merchants, Jeffers navigated a neutral path through Ireland’s War of Independence, supplying IRA men on the run with groceries and baking bread for British soldiers,’ said Isla.

‘Discover also how Jeffers kept their staff employed through World War II and in 1960 opened the first supermarket in West Cork where customers who were used to bringing their list to the counter had to be taught to shop for themselves.’

The book also details how guns were sold alongside groceries when Mervyn Jeffers opened the firearms business, while Peter and David Jeffers provided church organs for Papal visits through their music and electronic shop.

A family with a determination and drive for hard work, it documents their innovation in business from the nineteenth century up to the music business of the present day.

Availible in outlets including Jeffers Piano Shop on the bypass, Hickeys, O’Farrells, Bandon Books Plus, and

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