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Mega medal haul for Myross

August 25th, 2019 5:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

Mega medal haul for Myross Image
Myross Rowing Club girls' U12 crew, who won gold in very rough conditions, delighted with themselves at the All-Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships 2019 in Dingle last weekend. (Photo: Valerie O'Sullivan)

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It was a great weekend for the Myross Rowing Club from West Cork, winning a massive nine gold medals, one silver and four bronze.

ROWERS from many coastal towns and villages across Ireland descended upon Dingle Harbour last weekend, for the All-Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships 2019 and Dingle Regatta.

It was a great weekend for the Myross Rowing Club from West Cork, winning a massive nine gold medals, one silver and four bronze. Six hundred crews competed in the event, which was hosted by the Irish Coastal Rowing Federation (ICRF) with the assistance of Dingle Rowing Club.

The weather forecast by Met Eireann spot-on for a weekend in August – totally unpredictable with wind and rain and sunny spells – making for testing conditions on the water, with no room for error. Visiting crews didn’t get to see ‘the sun sinking o’er the westward,’ but Fungie was within easy reach at the mouth of the harbour.

Speaking after the event Mary B Teahan, ICRF PRO said: ‘The rough conditions were tough in Dingle this weekend, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our coastal communities rallied together and made this unique event of rowing possible.

‘Coastal rowing is very important for rural coastal towns and villages throughout the island of Ireland. The Irish Coastal Rowing Federation would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Committee and Members of Dingle Rowing Club for opening up their magnificent venue to us on their biggest weekend of the year.

‘The Dingle Regatta is one of the oldest and most famous regattas in the country and is known around the world and the Dingle Regatta Committee and Dingle Rowing Club have graciously and enthusiastically agreed to share their big weekend with us. We Thank them most sincerely and wish them nothing but success for the future”

Union Hall man Bill Deasy, president of ICRF, gave special mention to Andrew Wharton, who worked tirelessly to make the event such a success. He praised Eddy Hutch, chairman of Dingle Regatta and boatbuilder of the famous Naomhóg Dingle boat, and Captain Nigel Collin, Dingle Harbour Master.

This was the first year the All-Ireland Coastal Championships was held in Dingle and, as always, the Dingle community were accommodating and welcoming to visitors. 




Senior Men:

All-Ireland Champions Myross. Silver: Vartry. Bronze: Castle.

Heritage Novice Men Gold: Sive. Silver: Comane.

Heritage Under 16 Gold: Valentia. Silver: Sneem. Bronze: Cromane.

Intermediate (Men) Gold: Kilmacsimon Quay. Silver: Vartry. Bronze: Flesk Valley.

Heritage Under 16 Girls Gold: Valentia.Silver: Bray. Bronze: Callinafercy.

Under 21 Ladies Gold: Workmen. Silver: Sive. Bronze: Fossa.

Under 14 Girls Gold: Workmen B. Silver: Flesk Valley A. Bronze: Myross.

Heritage Mixed Gold: Stella Maris. Silver: Fingal. Bronze: St. Michael's B.

Under 18 Ladies Gold: Workmen A. Silver: Callinafercy A. Bronze: Sive.

Under 16s Gold: Sneem. Silver: Workmen A. Bronze: Castle.

Under 12s Gold: Myross. Silver: Caherciveen. Bronze: Sive.

Novice Men Gold: Templenoe. Silver: Flesk Valley. Bronze: Cloughaneely CCF.

Under 12 Beginners Gold: Myross. Silver: Caherciveen. Bronze: Cromane B.

Novice Ladies Gold: Myross. Silver: Cromane A. Bronze: Cromane B.

Under 18s Gold: Templenoe. Silver: Workmen A. Bronze: Sive.

Senior Mixed Gold: Workmen B. Silver: Fossa. Bronze: Templenoe.

Under 16 Girls Gold: Workmen A. Silver: Callinafercy. Bronze: Myross B.

Veteran Mixed Gold: Sneem. Silver: Myross. Bronze: Workmen.

Seine Boat Men: Gold: Sneem. Silver: Valentia. Bronze: Cromane.

Junior Men Gold: Kilmacsimon Quay. Silver: Workmen. Bronze: Vartry B.

Junior Ladies Gold: Fossa. Silver: Sive. Bronze: Castle.

Pre-Veteran Men Gold: Myross. Silver: Templenoe. Bronze: Workmen.

Masters Men Gold: Kilmacsimon Quay. Silver: Whitehead. Bronze: Carnlough.

Masters Ladies Gold: Workmen. Silver: Templenoe. Bronze: Cromane.

Heritage Intermediate Men Gold: Stella Maris. Silver: Fingal. Bronze: Callinafercy.

Pre-Veteran Ladies Gold: Sneem. Silver: Fossa. Bronze: Kilmacsimon Quay.

Heritage Under 14 Girls Gold: Cromane. Silver: Valentia. Bronze: Callinafercy.

Heritage Under 14 Boys Gold: Cromane B. Silver: Valentia. Bronze: Callinafercy.

Under 12 Girls Gold: Myross. Silver: Caherciveen. Bronze: Callinafercy.

Under 21 Gold: Callinafercy. Silver: Cromane. Bronze: Workmen.

Veteran Ladies Gold: Sneem. Silver: Workmen. Bronze: Sive.

Veteran Men: Gold: Myross. Silver: Workmen. Bronze: Kilmacsimon Quay.

Heritage Senior Men Gold: Dalkey. Silver: Stella Maris. Bronze: Sneem.

Masters Mixed Gold: Templenoe. Silver: Kilmacsimon Quay. Bronze: Workmen.

Heritage Senior Ladies Gold: St. Michael's. Silver: Sneem. Bronze: Callinafercy.

Open Classic Ladies Gold: Castletownbere. Silver: Cloughaneely. Bronze: Myross.

Heritage Under 18 Girls Gold: Callinafercy A. Silver: Valentia. Bronze: Callinafercy B.

Heritage Under 18 Boys Gold: Valentia. Silver: Callinafercy. Bronze: Sive.

Open Classic Men Gold: Myross. Silver: Cloughaneely. Bronze: Cromane.

Gigs (Men) Gold: Myross.

Killarney 6's Ladies Gold: Flesk Valley. Silver: Fossa. Bronze: Workmen.


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