Whiddy Islanders are without drinking water since September

January 24th, 2022 3:30 PM

By Emma Connolly

Irish Water has had pallets of water available to islanders from the Bank House, but after four months, residents are growing frustrated with the situation.

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RESIDENTS on Whiddy Island are still unable to use their water over four months after a problem with their supply was announced by Irish Water.

Irish Water, working with Cork County Council, this week reminded the 25 or so customers on the island’s public water supply that the ‘Do Not Consume’ notice issued on September 7th remained in place until further notice.

The notice was issued due to low water levels at the raw water extraction point which resulted in a prolonged period of high levels of colour and turbidity in the treated water. This caused the drinking water quality entering the Whiddy Island public water supply to be affected.

Connie O’Leary, chair of the island’s community council said the situation was ‘extremely frustrating.’

‘I’ve been having to chase updates on this myself. I’ve been told there’s a delay on a valve being delivered and while I know myself that there’s longer waiting times for items, four months isn’t acceptable. If this happened in Dublin it would have been sorted in days.’

Neil Smyth of Irish Water said: ‘A significant amount of improvement works on-site have now been completed. Final commissioning is ongoing and will be completed over the coming days. A programme of water quality sampling will soon be underway to determine whether the notice can be lifted or if further remediation works will be needed.

‘Public health remains our number one priority. We would like to thank the people of Whiddy Island for their patience and cooperation, especially as it was ongoing over the Christmas season.’

He reminded residents that bottled water remains available at The Bankhouse on the island.

Water cannot be used for: drinking, food preparation, brushing  of teeth or gargling and making of ice. It can be used for  baths and showers and flushing of toilets.

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