West Cork keen to celebrate International Women’s Day

March 28th, 2020 9:45 AM

By Jackie Keogh

Deirdre O’Shaughnessy, will be attending the Women’s Day event this week. Photo: Donal O' Leary

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A KEY event for women in business in Cork county will take place at the Celtic Ross Hotel on Friday, March 6th, International Women’s Day.

The event, organised by Cork County Council’s local enterprise office – Cork North and West – starts at 9am and runs until 2pm with MC journalist Deirdre O’Shaughnessy and featuring talks by Jean McCabe, the owner of an award-winning store. She will help participants maximise their online trading options.

The second keynote speaker will be Margaret Hoctor, who, when faced with redundancy, was able to diversify her talents and build a farm business. Margaret, who is also a business coach, will be able to demonstrate how best to market a business on a budget, and how to manage a work/life balance.

Christine Heffernan, who is a business advisor with the Local Enterprise Office Cork North & West, told The Southern Star: ‘Whether you are an entrepreneur with a business idea, a start-up, or an established business, you are welcome to attend this event.’

Bookings can be made through the website or enquiries can be made directly to the LEO office on 023 8834700.

Christine said the event, which can accommodate up to 100 people, will also feature a panel discussion involving Katy Waering, the director of OMKO, a software company specialising in bridging the gap between science and technology, as well as the multi-award-winning owner of West Cork Eggs and the president of Network Ireland West Cork, Caroline Murphy.

Christine said: ‘Our latest event is part of our on-going commitment to the LEO Women in Business programme, which offers training, networking and mentoring.’

Since it was launched in 2016, Christine said: ‘A total of 59 women have completed the programme in West Cork, plus 51 in North Cork.’

In 2020, it is estimated that a further 25 women will complete the programme.


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