WATCH: Eddie's song about Trump is just (Natural) Gas!

November 29th, 2018 6:15 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Clare Sands and singer Graham Mills recording the song at Wayne Sheehy's Ocean Studios in Kilcrohane.

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A West Cork reworking of The Langer Song aimed at US President Donald Trump may not be music to his ears

A WEST Cork reworking of The Langer Song aimed at US President Donald Trump may not be music to his ears. 

However, it has already struck a chord with viewers on YouTube with over 16,000 views reached in the space of a few weeks.

Trump’s A Langer by Bardic Connections, is the brainchild of financial advisor and author Eddie Hobbs, who re-wrote the lyrics of the song made popular by Tim O’Riordan and Natural Gas and has turned it into a protest song aimed squarely at President Trump. 

Recorded at Wayne Sheehy’s Ocean Studios in Kilcrohane, Graham Mills from Limerick provided the vocals and was assisted by West Cork musician Clare Sands on violin.

Speaking to The Southern Star, Wayne said that Eddie had approached him about three months ago about recording the much loved song.

‘He said he had put new lyrics to the song as he has strong opinions about Trump and the economic policies that he is pursuing. I was surprised with what he came up with. He has a great sense of humour,’ said Wayne.

‘We got permission from Natural Gas to re-record the song and I played all the instruments bar the violin. I know Graham and he was more than game to lend his vocals to the sing. He’s an amazing singer and did a great job as did Clare on violin. We’re thrilled with it and we’re having a chuckle too about it.’

Since they posted the video on YouTube on October 26th they have overwhelmed by the response. ‘The Americans are absolutely loving it. I even got a call from a radio station in Boston. While there is no bad language in it, it’s quite edgy and I guess some of the braver radio stations will play it. It’s also on Spotify and CD Baby too,’ added Wayne.


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