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Walker Hearing Clinic at The Weir Family Health Clinic, Bandon Primary Care Centre

March 17th, 2022 8:00 AM

Walker Hearing Clinic at The Weir Family Health Clinic, Bandon Primary Care Centre Image

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Walker Hearing Clinic (with our main offices in the Consultants Private Clinic on the grounds of the Cork University Hospital) are here to help you with your hearing and ear wax issues in the Weir Family Health Clinic in the newly built Bandon Primary Care Centre.

Services provided by Walker Hearing Clinic in Bandon include:

• Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Your hearing test takes place in a purpose built, sound proof booth. It takes anything from 60-90 minutes and involves a detailed patient history review, a visual examination, pure tone audiometry, tympanometry, speech testing and otoacoustic emissions testing.

• Hearing Aids

As the only truly independently owned hearing aid provider in Cork, we will provide you with unbiased advice on choosing the best hearing aid for you at a competitive price.

• Ear Wax Removal Via Endoscopic Microsuction

If your ear becomes blocked with wax and/or dead skin this is called cerumen impaction. This may cause dizziness, ear ache, fullness in the ear, a sensation the ear is plugged, partial hearing loss, ringing, noises in the ear, itching, odour, or discharge.

Although there are a number of methods used to remove ear wax, we perform microsuction.

• Occupational Hearing Tests

Diagnostic hearing tests for your employer.

• Hearing Protection

Custom made hearing protection products for patients who find themselves in situations where they are exposed to noise above safe listening levels and who should therefore be protecting their hearing. We have custom made swimming moulds available for children and adults.

• Tinnitus Consultations

Tinnitus is starting to affect a growing number of people as a result of the general increase in noise levels in today’s society. If you suffer from tinnitus seek advice from your GP or Audiologist.

In most cases, tinnitus cannot be cured. However, it can be managed.

There are certain treatments that are found to help suppress tinnitus depending on the patient.

If there are any of the above services that you wish to avail of, please call Walker Hearing Clinic on 021-494-1375 to arrange an appointment or email: [email protected]

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