Timoleague’s science fans are ‘grassing up’ on each other!

February 7th, 2020 11:22 AM

By Kieran O'Mahony

The Timoleague National School project 'Growing Smelly Grass' featured at the Primary School Science Fair at the BTYSTE at the RDS last week.

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SIXTH class pupils of Timoleague National School could tell you a lot about grass, having spent three months looking and examining it to see how it grows.

This was all part of their ‘Growing Smelly Grass’ project, which, along with their teacher Anne McCarthy, they  presented at the Primary Science Fair @ the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition at the RDS in Dublin.

Speaking to The Southern Star, school principal Norma Harte said they are immensely proud of their achievements.

‘The dedication and commitment of Anne McCarthy and 6th class to this project has been inspiring to all other classes in the school,’ said Norma.

‘There has been great excitement in the school in the run-up to it, and the whole school community is very proud of their achievement.’

This is the second year that the school has submitted a project and they have been successful on each occasion. While there are no prizes given out the school still received a plaque for their ever expanding Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)  wall.

‘Their project primarily looked at how well grass grows using organic fertilisers like locally sourced comfrey, seaweed, cow manure and horse manure compared to purchased organic tomato fertiliser.’

A grass growing station was set up in the classroom and the pupils monitored the height, thickness, colour, weight and dry matter. This was a controlled experiment and each day they would check the soil for moisture and feed the grass at different rates.

‘They chose this project as it highlights what is going on in our locality with grass growth. After studying their findings and checking their results, the project was completed and it was very well received by the judges and visitors to their stand.’

The school has also been selected this year by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) to apply for a Badge of Excellence in Science and Maths Excellence.

‘Our aim is to develop curiosity, creativity, collaboration as well as critical thinking and communication skills in our pupils. By having our project accepted in the Primary Science Fair, these skills are nurtured and developed in our pupils,’ added Norma.


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