The Climate Crisis - Rising Electricity prices

October 21st, 2021 4:05 PM

Solar panels on the roof

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By John Moynihan

Is there anything we can do to make sustainable living more affordable?

Irish households are facing a difficult winter with the unprecedented, soaring cost of energy. Electricity prices have, on average increased by 32% so far this year with further increases likely to come. These price hikes will add around €400 a year to most homes' bills. What can we do?

1 - Generate Your Own Power

Instal Solar PV panels on your roof (or ground mount) and create your own electricity. Excess power can be diverted to make free hot water or stored in a battery for use later in the day.

2 - Change Your Supplier

If you've been with your current supplier for more that 12 months, you're almost certainly not getting the best deal available. Changing supplier will get you a better new customer discount and save hundreds off your electricity bill. We can find you the best deal and save money.

3 - Energy - monitor/upgrade/reduction

Consider getting an inexpensive electricity monitor. Learning what's using a lot of power can help you reduce how much you use. Replacing inefficient appliances or lighting can make a big difference to your electricity bill.

4 - Government grants

Take advantage of SEAI grants for Solar panel installations and home insulation upgrades. For farmers the ACA scheme and the TAMs grant aid are available.

5 - Talk to JM Energy Savings

We would be happy to help you make your home, farm or business more sustainable and cut your energy costs.

Call us today on 086 374 2260 and start saving tomorrow. For more information visit our website and like us on Facebook.

John Moynihan founded JM Energy savings back in 2008 helping residents, farmers and businesses switch electricity and gas suppliers to save money on their energy bills. The arrival of cost effective Solar PV (photo voltaic) panels has transformed how we can acquire our electricity and John has established a superb team to advise on install Solar PV systems for homes, farms and businesses.

With the recent price drops and technological improvements, he can now offer battery storage systems, units for converting excess power to heat water and EV car chargers at affordable prices.

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