Tell me about . . . Turning your back on fast fashion

December 2nd, 2022 1:30 PM

By Southern Star Team

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Designer Angela O’Donnell, who has ties to West Cork, on why she launched her sustainable fashion brand

Tell us about your brand YAWUW? 

YAWUW is an acronym for You Are What You Wear, based in Cork. We design and develop collections made from 100% recycled or organic textiles and are ethically produced. As an award-winning designer, I know how to develop commercial collections that have a luxury, we are aiming for timeless classics with a fashion forward view point. 

What motivated you?

When my baby was born (she is now nearly three years old! ) in January 2020, my perspective of the world changed dramatically. I kept thinking what will the world look like when she grows up? Considering the climate crisis will be one of the biggest challenges in her lifetime, I wanted to do something to make a positive impact. As a designer I knew I had the skills to change the way clothing and accessories are designed and made. All of our products are made from 100% sustainable materials, our packaging is biodegradable and we also plant one tree on Irish soil for every piece purchased, whether it is something small like a hat or a bigger item like a sweatshirt. We even plant one tree per purchase for every wholesale order, we are very committed to leaving a positive impact on our environment!

What’s your top fashion tip to anyone trying to move away from fast fashion?

Do your homework, I promise you there are sustainable options for what you are looking for! If you can’t find it, DM us on our socials @yawuwstudio and hopefully we can advise you. 

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