Tell me about . . . The return of the Saint Patrick’s Day festivals

March 17th, 2022 2:30 PM

By Southern Star Team

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Clonakilty mayor Anthony McDermott reveals how he will mark St Patrick’s Day

Are you going to a parade this year?

Yes I’m delighted to be going to the parade in Clon. The theme is ‘le chéile arís’ or ‘together again’, and we are expecting lots of culture and colour and hopefully sunshine as we celebrate our national day.

Did you miss the parades over the past few years?

Very much so. We had a virtual one which Rev Kingsley Sutton did a great job with, but we all know it’s hard to beat having the real thing where families come out and with all the colour and music and the buzz around the town.

Do you think our ministers should have gone abroad this year?

Instead of zooming off to different destinations a lot of them could have done their business via Zoom. It would set an example when it comes to climate action and carbon footprint. With the exception of the Taoiseach, the rest could have stayed at home and the money could be spent on more important things.

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