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Tell me about . . . Running an athleisure wear business from Cork

November 21st, 2022 11:50 AM

By Southern Star Team

Tell me about . . . Running an athleisure wear business from Cork Image

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Tom Kiernan of Kinsale-based Gym Grow Gain on how our love of leggings actually inspired his
family-run business!

Where did the idea for the athleisure wear business come from? 

The concept developed during the pandemic, where a mass lifestyle shift was evident internationally, as the public emerged considering athleisure wear to be their go-to wardrobe staple. Along with so many others, we recognised the value and importance of achieving a life work balance and we wanted to create a product that reflected this. Hence, Gym Grow Gain was born. 

What’s it like running a business from West Cork? 

We are very proud of our roots. We feel very fortunate to have a business based in the stunning surroundings of West Cork. The beauty of the area inspires Gym Grow Gain to be a part of creating a better environment. Our company contributes a percentage of each sale to ‘Stripe Climate’ and all of the packaging is 100% recyclable. We pride ourselves in that we are not a fast fashion brand. Every piece of clothing is carefully designed and curated so that it can build on previous pieces to create a stylish and functional look that is sustainable and has longevity. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that we get to do all of this surrounded by our home, family and friends. The people of West Cork have been incredibly supportive since the business launched for which we are grateful.

Best business lesson learned so far? 

As with any new business there have been some challenges along the way and we have learned a lot. It goes without saying that signifigant research, patience and determination is required to get a new business venture off the ground. One thing we have learned early on is that in these uncertain times the ability to pivot and adapt quickly is essential. Even with the best laid plans, expect the unexpected and don’t be afraid to meet a challenge head on and change accordingly. The ability to listen not just to customers and others in business but to your gut feeling is another one. Sometimes your best barometer of a situation can be that gut feeling. 

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