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TD Collins hails No, No vote as a ‘triumph for women and mothers’

March 9th, 2024 2:47 PM

By Siobhan Cronin

TD Collins hails No, No vote as a ‘triumph for women and mothers’ Image
Counting Cork South West votes today at the count centre at the Mallow GAA complex. (Photo: Martin Walsh)

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FOLLOWING what looks like a resounding defeat of the two referenda supported by what he described as ‘all establishment political parties’, Independent Ireland leader Michael Collins says his party appears to be only one party with its finger on the pulse of Irish society.

The Goleen TD was today celebrating the likely referenda outcome of No, No, as a  ‘triumph, not only a victory for women, mothers, families and the people of Ireland but also for democracy and common sense’.

Echoing the sentiments of his party’s leader, Michael Fitzmaurice, TD for Roscommon-Galway said: ‘The ‘not so silent’ majority have spoken.’

‘The feeling around the country has been very evident on the ground, indicating that both government and establishment parties are not representing the views and concerns of the people of middle Ireland.

“This stunning defeat of two referendums, supported by all major parties except Independent Ireland and one other party, along with a number of determined Independent TDs and senators underscores the frustration of the people with issues such as housing, agriculture, immigration, taxation, government spending, and the undue influence of non-governmental organisations on policy-making.’

Deputy Collins has encouraged his supporters to ‘get involved in this sea change and this unique opportunity’.

He added: ‘Let us seize this momentous result as an opportunity to usher in a new era of politics – one that prioritises the needs of the people above all else. The people have spoken, and they have had enough. Let's show them what politics should be all about.’


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