Sprinter Phil urges people to act FAST

November 28th, 2020 11:40 PM

By Southern Star Team

Ireland’s fastest woman, international sprinter Phil Healy at the launch of the Irish Heart Foundation’s new Act FAST (Face, Arm, Speech, Time) campaign which warns how crucial early hospital treatment is to limit long-term damage. (Photo: Robbie Reynolds)

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INTERNATIONAL sprinter Phil Healy is leading an Irish campaign urging people not to waste valuable time if they suspect they’ve suffered from a stroke.

The ‘Ballineen Bullet,’ who has also trained in nursing, has launched the campaign by the Irish Heart Foundation to emphasise how crucial early hospital treatment is to limit long-term damage.

Almost half of Irish people would not call an ambulance immediately if they suffered a stroke, wasting vital minutes that could save lives, new research has revealed.

The Ipsos MRBI survey, which was commissioned by the Irish Heart Foundation and the Government, shows that just 55% of people surveyed would dial 999 or 112 straight away.

Phil, who is the holder of the 100m and 200m sprint records and knows the importance of time said: ‘Stroke is one of the few conditions where your own actions and the speed of your response can determine your outcome. As a runner, speed is of the essence for me and every millisecond makes a difference. I have also trained in nursing, and so I am only too aware of the need to act fast in the event of a stroke, to have the best possible chance at recovering.

‘I am delighted to support this campaign and get the important message out. Act FAST is an easy way to remember the sudden signs of stroke – facial drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulties and time.’

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