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Spotlight on extreme events

August 30th, 2023 10:10 PM

By Southern Star Team

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THE Ironman tragedy in east Cork at the weekend was a horrific end to what have should been a joyous celebration for two families. The videos of the excited swimmers heading into fairly rough seas were doing the rounds all week. Despite the conditions, participants usually put their trust in organisers that safety has been prioritised. Often seemingly rough seas can be quite navigable, as underlying currents may not always tally with conditions on the surface. Of course, the reverse can also be the case.

This is why rigorous checking of courses must be done in advance of such endurance events, and re-checked immediately before the commencement of the swimming element.

With various organisations rushing to distance themselves from the tragedy, a major spotlight has been cast on safety during these extreme sport events. The Youghal triathlon will, hopefully, get the green light next year, but only after a comprehensive report on this year’s event has been published.

Let’s hope the two bereaved families also get the answers they need.

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