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OPINION: We were not to blame for underage drinking

Sunday, 19th November, 2017 8:05pm
OPINION: We were not to blame for underage drinking

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SIR – I’M writing on behalf of the debs committee, we had no involvement whatsoever in giving under 18s alcohol.

I think it is unfair to give us the bad name when it is the kids’ parents who are to blame for letting them get on the bus to Ballydehob.

We chose to have it outside of Skibbereen for this very reason. We weren’t expecting the massive turnout on the night, we were just simply supposed to have a night out to raise funds for our debs as a deposit was due two days after.

I read comments about vodka being left at the park, etc. Which again was not us. I also read a piece that mentioned the elderly on the street, what about two years ago at the jazz festival? Windows and personal property was damaged, but there was no big fuss on social media about it.

People don’t want us to have our debs because we’re not ‘responsible’, but we’re not the ones who asked underage teens to come to our event; in fact no one did, they just caught wind of it.

I’m hoping that you might put up something in your well-known newspaper to stop us from getting all the blame, as it is simply not right and not justified!

Kindest regards,

Fionn McCarthy,

The Debs Committee.