Residents furious as burst water pipes leave road looking like patchwork quilt

January 10th, 2023 5:50 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Cllr Paul Hayes said the road is like a patchwork quilt at the moment due to so many breaks in the pipes, and he said residents need peace of mind.

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FRUSTRATED residents living in a Clonakilty housing estate had a nightmarish New Year’s Eve after burst water pipes ripped up the road, with one family having their garden flooded for the second time.

Residents in Clogheen, which is located behind the Clonakilty Park Hotel, have called on Irish Water to urgently replace the pipes there.

One upset homeowner told The Southern Star that this was the second time the pipes burst in less than 12 months, with her garden flooded last March. 

‘It’s been a total nightmare and when it bursts, like it has done twice, we bear the brunt of it as the water just flows into our garden and house. We already had to replace our boiler and now we will have to do it again,’ she said.

‘The road outside has also been destroyed and we will have to re-seed our garden because of the water damage. A planned family birthday party last weekend had to be cancelled due to the flooding,’ she said. 

She has called on Irish Water to replace the pipes immediately, once and for all.

Independent councillor Paul Hayes visited the estate, and was shocked at the state of the road. 

He said the pipework needs to be urgently replaced.

‘The residents are fed up and they don’t seem to be getting any satisfaction from Irish Water. 

‘It’s almost got to the stage where they can pre-empt when a break is going to occur because it starts to leak onto the road. 

‘More often than not the leak gets worse and after a couple of days it explodes and blows out part of the road,’ he told The Southern Star.

‘The whole road is like a patchwork quilt at the moment due to so many breaks in the pipes and it will keep popping until it is replaced.’

Cllr Hayes said there’s no ‘peace of mind’ for the residents there.

‘I’ve contacted Irish Water on this and it needs to be prioritised as the pipes are not fit for purpose. From a water conservation point of view the loss of water due to this break is also colossal. It’s also devaluing their houses.’

Irish Water said the section of ‘aging mains has been prioritised for investment and replacement.’

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