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Rapper Shawn uses music and words to battle his depression

September 10th, 2023 7:05 AM

By Eimear O'Dwyer

Rapper Shawn uses music and words to battle his depression Image
Dumanway rapper Shawn Clarke’s new track is an example of ‘how one feels after losing a close one to suicide.’

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DUNMANWAY rapper, 24-year-old Shawn Clarke (stage name Shawn Apex), has released a new track about the tragic loss of a loved one to suicide. 

Shawn said his new track ‘March 11th 2012’ is inspired by finding his step brother after he tragically died by suicide. ‘The song for me is an example of how one feels after losing a close one to suicide,’ he explained. ‘The disbelief and shock of it, but also being able to relate as you get older and experience the hardships of life.’ 

Shawn said the track is ‘very raw’ and ‘uncensored’ so that he could ‘channel the experience as true as possible.’ 

‘The first verse is from a storytelling standpoint and leading up to the event while verse two is the feelings I experienced at the time and even now as an adult dealing with my own depression,’ he said. 

Shawn appeals to people to get help before it’s too late, because, he says, ‘it never goes away’. ‘It just grows and festers into something much worse, at least in my own experience.’  

He advises people who are struggling with depression to just focus on one goal a day. ‘Whether it be to take a shower, brush your teeth, see a friend or make yourself breakfast,’ he said. 

‘Those seem like the most simple tasks for people who haven’t experienced depression but when you’re depressed,’ he explained, ‘the simplest tasks can become the most daunting, so even leaving your house could feel like the biggest accomplishment – and it should.’ 

He advises sufferers to take it one day at a time, because even small steps lead to big changes. Shawn makes rap music to express his feelings, thoughts and struggles. He said most of his music has a meaning and aims to connect with people. 

‘Besides when I just want to have fun or showcase my skills, but my main focus is making music that connects with people that have felt like me so they don’t feel alone as I so often did,’ he said.

Shawn always knew he wanted to be a rapper and he first started writing raps when he was between nine and eleven years of age.  

‘I can’t remember a day where I haven’t been playing with words in my head and generating ideas or thinking of lyrics,’ he said. 

‘I feel like I was born to be a writer,’ he said, ‘especially being a more introverted kind of person, I was always one to observe and channel my thoughts and feelings through music.’

Shawn’s new track is available on YouTube and other streaming platforms. 

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