Public urged to lock their cars after thieves target estates

April 14th, 2020 8:00 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Gardaí issued this CCTV footage of a different incident, to remind the public to lock their cars at all times.

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PEOPLE are warned not to become complacent when it comes to securing their property and locking their cars, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.

Chief Supt Con Cadogan made the appeal following thefts from 15 cars, all of which were unlocked, and the theft of a van, in two Kinsale estates – Eltin Woods and Compass Quay, early last Monday.

‘We know that five people came out in a car at around 4am and the most worrying aspect of this is that they got into 15 cars because every single one of them was open. They also took a white Renault van – the keys were left in the visor,’ said Chief Supt Cadogan. ‘It should send a clear message, not just to people in Kinsale, but in West Cork in general, that if you leave your vehicle unlocked, it’s more than likely thieves will target it. These gangs can blitz any housing estate within five minutes and their job is made even more easier if the cars are left unlocked.’

The stolen van, which contained garden equipment, was located in Cork city with the items missing, while most cars entered had no items to steal.

Crime prevention officer Sgt James O’Donovan said: ‘Since 2016, €30m worth of items were stolen from vehicles and outside our homes, and driveways are the most common places for it to happen. Because everyone is adhering to government restrictions on staying indoors, our vehicles are going to all be parked up for the next couple of weeks, so I would ask that nobody leave anything of value in them, no matter where it is parked, and make sure it is locked at all times.’

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