Progressive team at Wilson Daly driven by client satisfaction

May 6th, 2021 7:00 AM

For first-time buyers, Donna Wilson advises having a good team behind you and realistic timeframes.

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Dunmanway-based firm that specialises in property law and helping first-time buyers and those investing in property

Wilson Daly Solicitors is a Dunmanway based company. The team specialises in property law, including helping first-time buyers and those investing in property, but also offer all the main services that solicitors can, including wills, probate and helping with other general problems that arise for people.


The team at Wilson Daly Solicitors is young and progressive, and the repeated message from customer reviews and feedback is how customers find the people at the company to be very approachable.

The target audience would primarily be first-time buyers and those investing in property. Every day the team closes deals for clients, from buying and selling properties, to leases, mortgages, title problems or dealing with property after someone has passed away.

Passion for property

Donna Wilson is a solicitor at Wilson Daly Solicitors. She explains all the processes in simple, easy to understand terms, and she stays in regular contact with her clients throughout any transactions. Property is one of her main passions.

The team at Wilson Daly Solicitors in Dunmanway

First-time buyer

If you are a first-time buyer, Donna advises having a good team behind you and having realistic timeframes.

‘Come to your solicitor early, employ your engineer early and get a good relationship going with your bank manager or financial advisor, and make sure all three are on the same wavelength. Communicate with everyone equally and usually it goes through smoothly then’, says Donna.

The majority of Donna’s work comes through referrals from customers and also other industry partners, such as engineers and auctioneers. This speaks volumes about the work that Donna carries out.

Client satisfaction

Making clients happy, and the variety in her work, is what drives Donna.

'There’s always something different every day. No two files are ever the same’.

‘We’re approachable, you can talk to us, and we advocate that from the beginning. So I want my clients to tell me their needs, their wants, so that we can meet them as much as we possibly can.

'The best feedback I get from my clients is that they can all say that they can talk to me. I want to explain the legal matter that is in front of them so that they can understand it and that will take the fear out of it for them. We’re here to help you’, concludes Donna.

Wilson Daly Solicitors are still operating at this time and are at the other end of the phone, or they can facilitate a Zoom call if that is preferred.

You can contact Wilson Daly Solicitors by emailing [email protected] or call 023-8845796.

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