PODCAST: Christmas Special: The Best Book I Read This Year

December 14th, 2020 7:29 AM

By Southern Star Team

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This week we have a books special, called The Best Book I Read This Year.

Now, with Christmas coming, what better gift is there than a book. There really is a book out there for everybody in your life.

As has often been said, if you think you don’t like books, you just haven’t met the right one yet.

If reading isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other books you can get lost in – from comic novels, to art books, to cookery, gardening, puzzle books, and so much more.

The same rules apply when buying a book as a gift. Don’t think if your friend or relative likes books or not, find out what they do like, and find a book to cover that interest.

In this week’s podcast, we have decided to give you some of our own favourite recommendations from this year’s crop of books. But we also have some very special guests – all were previous guests on this podcast – who have popped in to tell us what was the best book they read this year.

We’ve given them a broad spectrum to choose from – any book, published any year, but read and enjoyed during this most unusual year of 2020. We also have some well known booksellers from around West Cork giving us their own particular recommendations.

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