Opposition to Market Street closures

July 19th, 2020 9:45 PM

By Southern Star Team

The disputed part of Market Street in Kinsale.

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KINSALE’S Market Street is the latest to be targeted by Cork County Council in the street closure programme, but the proposal is not acceptable to many people as will divert traffic around the Courthouse-Museum into Guardwell to gain entry to Main Street.

The section by the Courthouse is very narrow so the diversion will only add to existing problems. The closure will also  prevent access for the elderly and disabled to the New Image  hairdressing  saloon.

At present, they can be dropped off at the door and the car can proceed into Main Street and repeat the procedure when they are due to be collected. If the access to Main Street is blocked, the driver will have to reverse back through one of the busiest junctions in the town,  twice. Should there be an accident will the Council be responsible?

If the Council feels that turning right into Guardwell from Market Street is a problem, which it is, why not make it a left turn only and there will be no problem? Kinsale is listed as an Age-Friendly Town, but this proposal would cause great inconvenience to the elderly and disabled and their carers, and it is the feeling of Age-Friendly members that it should be withdrawn.

They have already lost parking spaces in Main Street, Short Quay and Pearse Street and feel they deserve to be treated better.

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