No ‘table-top’ solution for Dunmanway’s traffic woes

August 20th, 2020 7:05 AM

By Jackie Keogh

Cllr Hurley believes the Chapel St pedestrian crossing is inadequate to meet the demands of the busy intersection.

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A RAISED pedestrian crossing has been ruled out as a safety measure in Dunmanway town centre.

Cllr Declan Hurley (Ind) requested that ‘a table-top ramp’ replace an existing pedestrian crossing at Chapel Street.

He said it is needed to offset the pedestrian and vehicular congestion in the area that has a large housing estate, is in close proximity to the funeral home, and is adjacent to St Patrick’s Church.

Cllr Hurley also pointed out that the Council has plans to start the first phase of an 18-house development in that area later this year.

‘All of this makes the Spa Road and Chapel Street a very busy intersection,’ said the councillor, who suggested that the raised walkway would be the most effective traffic-calming measure.

Cllr Hurley requested that the public lighting in that area be upgraded at the same time. ‘In its present condition,’ he said, ‘it is inadequate.’

In addition, the Independent councillor asked the Council’s roads department to repaint the three pedestrian crossings in Dunmanway, as well as the pedestrian crossing on Enniskeane’s Main Street as soon as possible.

The Council’s senior executive engineer for roads operations, John Ahern, confirmed that the surfacing of this section of road – under the restoration improvement programme – is due to start before the end of August.

However, he ruled out the use of a table-top crossing because that would require a legislative Section 38 process and these are used ‘only as a last resort.’

He said the situation had been assessed by the Council’s roads design office and the preferred solution is to narrow the width of the crossing by the construction of build-outs.

‘This,’ he said, ‘will reduce the width of road that the pedestrian has to cross, and will also serve to reduce speed because the approach to the crossing will be narrower.’

As part of that project, he said, the Council would review the public lighting with the aim of including the proposed lighting improvements.

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