‘No cash’ in kitty to sort overflowing septic tank problem

September 25th, 2020 7:10 AM

By Southern Star Team

Deputy Cairns and Cllr Hayes met with Shannonvale residents to discuss the sewage problem.

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IRISH Water has stated that there is no funding currently available to resolve the long-running issue of an overflowing septic tank in Shannonvale, which has left untreated sewage entering the local water system.

Local Social Democrat TD Holly Cairns has said that documents acquired from Irish Water, under Freedom of Information, show that there is disagreement over the cost of a solution. ‘The plant, which services nine houses in the area, seems to be overflowing with some untreated water entering the Argideen river and the local park,’ she explained. ‘It has to be regularly desludged, which further indicates the inadequacy of the infrastructure. Irish Water, Cork County Council, and the EPA are aware of the situation.’

She said that the complaints of local residents going back years are supported by the contents of correspondence between Irish Water and the Council who are aware of the threat of untreated sewage entering the local water system. ‘Irish Water has a responsibility to address this situation, but it is being complicated by their tendering process,’ said Deputy Cairns. ‘There is disagreement over the cost of a project to pump the wastewater to the nearby Clonakilty plant with tendering to Irish Water ranging from €0.8m to €1.2m, and a County Council engineer’s assessment which also differs. Irish Water have now informed us that there is no funding  currently available to carry out the works required to solve the issue. The community needs clarity on what exactly is planned and a dependable timeline of action.’

Independent Cllr Paul Hayes added: ‘It is deeply distressing for the locals that such a beautiful amenity on their doorstep cannot be used due to overflows from the septic tank. From correspondence we’ve received through a Freedom of Information request, it now seems apparent that untreated water entering the Argideen River at Shannonvale is costing more to treat this water at the Jones’ Bridge plant and is putting a strain on the whole public water system for Clonakilty. There is an indisputable environmental and economical case for the new pump station to be built immediately.’

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