Multi-million euro projects for local schools

July 23rd, 2022 8:00 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

At the signing of the KCS contracts were: Seán Kearns, director Reddy Architecture + Urbanism, Fergal McCarthy, principal; John Irwin, general secretary of the The Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools (ACCS); Jim Twohig, ACCS; Paul Nolan, Nolan Construction; John McBeath, O’Connor Sutton Cronin Engineers; Darren O’Keeffe, director Chris Mee; Edward Rafferty, Reddy Architecture + Urbanism; Erdi Eksi and Sara Steele, EDC Engineers. (Photo: John Allen)

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THREE schools in the Kinsale area are set for major makeovers and extensions in the coming years following announcements.

Kinsale Community School is to get a €14m extension following the signing of contracts for the appointment of a design team.

Principal Fergal McCarthy said this is a very positive and exciting development and paid tribute to the Department of Education for the commitment that it has shown to the school in terms of a significant infrastructural investment at the school.

‘Kinsale Community School is a centre of excellence where collaboration of staff occurs on a daily basis to deliver a quality teaching and learning experience for the students at the school,’ he said.

‘The impressive educational facility, which already exists at Kinsale is to be further enhanced through additional specialist facilities which will be of immense benefit not just for our school community but for the benefit of the entire community of Kinsale and its environs.’

Meanwhile, Ballinspittle National School will see its existing building demolished, paving the way for the construction of a modern two-storey building.

FG Senator Tim Lombard  said that not only will the school get new classrooms, a library and special education needs unit, but there will also be an upgrade to the boundary walls, ballcourts, bus and care areas.

‘There is a real need for this school to be developed and the new proposal has gone for tender and it is hoped that will be back soon. What it means is that the people of Ballinspittle and the area will have a state-of-the art two storey new complex and it goes down to the hard work of the community, Board of Management and the principal,’ said Sen Lombard.

He also welcomed developments in relation to Summercove National School after a project manager was appointed for a new build.

‘The eight classroom and two SEN units was announced in 2019 so it is significant to have some progress from the department in delivering this educational infrastructure,’ said Sen Lombard. ‘Summercove NS and their wider community worked hard to secure a site for development and the project manager will now set about assigning a design team to continue the project.’

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