Motorists paying the price of bad roads

February 22nd, 2016 10:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

Cllr Collins says potholes have cost him over €600

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West Cork’s roads need ‘urgent’ attention by the Council, according to Dáil candidate, Cllr Michael Collins.

By Brian Moore

WEST Cork’s roads need ‘urgent’ attention by the Council, according to Dáil candidate, Cllr Michael Collins.

The numbers of people forced to replace or repair damaged wheels and blown tyres have increased dramatically, as the recent stormy weather and heavy rains have caused havoc on the primary and secondary routes across the region.

‘The roads in West Cork must be some of the worst in the country,’ Cllr Collins said this week. ‘I have people coming up to me on an almost daily basis reporting damage to their cars due to the condition of the roads in their communities, and now with the announcement that a further €3m is to be cut from the budget for road repairs and maintenance, the situation is going to get out of hand. We have to maintain and improve our road system, not cut funding where it is vitally needed. I have experienced first hand the damage to vehicles that these potholes cause, it has cost me over €600 to repair damage to my car over the last few months,’ Cllr Collins said.

Cork County Council is seeking €12.5m from the Government in order to tackle the worsening conditions of the roads. 

However, Cork County Council said that when potholes or road damage is reported, they move to fill the potholes as soon as possible.

Cllr Mary Hegarty (FG) has asked that if people see potholes or damaged road surfaces to inform the Council or their local representatives as soon as possible.

‘The Council is working to fill the potholes but the weather conditions are not making this an easy job,’ she said. ‘They are doing their best and I know that when they get information as to where the potholes are, they will go and fill them as quickly as possible. I would urge people to contact the Council or myself or any of the public reps as soon as they encounter potholes or damaged road surfaces in their areas,’ Cllr Hegarty said.

‘There is no point in just filling potholes,’ Cllr Collins pointed out, ‘because in this weather it’s like pouring sand into a bucket of water. We need major repairs.’


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