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Man on sex offender's list convicted of giving wrong name

February 16th, 2024 10:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

Man on sex offender's list convicted of giving wrong name Image

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A GLENGARRIFF man, who is on the sex offenders’ register, gave an incorrect name when applying for accommodation.

The accused, Daniel Connolly (43) of Ardnathrush, Glengarriff, appeared before Bantry District Court after he failed to notify gardaí when seeking accommodation on September 28th 2023 in the name of Christopher Connolly.

Solicitor Eimear Griffin appeared on behalf of the accused, who has two previous convictions for sexual assault, and was sentenced to five years’ jail in 2005 for buggering and sexually assaulting two underage boys.

The solicitor told Judge James McNulty that her client is living at home with his parents. She said he has done everything in his power to secure employment but repeatedly failed the application process once vetted.

In seeking new accommodation, she said he used an email address on his phone in the name of Christopher Connolly, which is his middle name.

‘He believed that using his middle name would not be an offence under the Act, but it is,’ the solicitor stated. The solicitor also told the court that the emails, seen by the gardaí, were signed ‘Daniel’ so he was not mis-representing himself.

Judge McNulty pointed out that the accused had 20 years to familiarise himself with the obligations placed on him as a person named on the Sex Offenders register.

Court presenter Sgt Trish O’Sullivan informed the court that the Director of Public Prosecutions had consented to the case being heard in the district court.

Eimear Griffin said the accused co-operated with the investigating officer Sgt Mark Leonard and handed over all of his electronic equipment and attended the garda station.

‘He does take his obligations seriously,’ she added. On this occasion, he was using the name Christopher because he had difficulty registering Daniel Connolly.

She said the accused has also engaged with Turas Nua, which means new journey, and is a welfare-to-work provider that supports people seeking sustainable employment.

Appealing for leniency, the solicitor said her client has been prescribed anti-depression medication and is attending counselling.

Judge McNulty convicted the accused of the breach of his obligations under the sex offenders’ register and adjourned the case to April 25th to allow time for the preparation of a probation officer’s report.

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