Make life easier with motorised blinds

March 31st, 2022 9:31 AM

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Upgrade your current blinds or fit new ones with Burke’s of Bantry

Burke’s of Bantry are your one-stop-shop for the sale and fitting of motorised blinds.

Whether you want to upgrade your current blinds or fit new motorised ones, Burke’s of Bantry will do all the work for you.

Motorised blinds have a range of benefits including safety, longevity and ease of use.

‘The big benefit is child safety’, says Jessie Hegarty, owner of Burke’s of Bantry.

‘Motorised blinds eliminate chains completely. They are also easier to use, and you will end up using your blinds more’.

‘Instead of coming into the kitchen every morning and having to open your blinds individually by hand, you can push a button, walk away and put the kettle on instead’.

The ease of use is great for elderly people and the longevity of the product is also one of the main advantages.

‘I fitted motorised blinds in a conservatory about ten years ago. I took a video at the time and use it to show customers how these blinds work. I was back in the same house recently and I went into the conservatory to take an updated video. The blinds were as good as they were when I first put them in. Nobody has been handling them, so they were practically as good as new’.

‘There is an initial cost in motorising the blinds, but they will last. It makes financial sense’, adds Jessie.

There is no need for wiring for motorised blinds. They run on a combination of battery technology and Bluetooth. The battery is rechargeable and will last between four and five months.

It is charged using a lead that is plugged in, similar to charging a phone.

A switch on the wall works via Bluetooth and will allow you to operate blinds individually or collectively.

Jessie and his team will come onsite to motorise your current blinds, or they can also fit new blinds.

Burke’s of Bantry are specialists in the sale and fitting of Luxaflex motorised blinds.

For more details, visit, call 027- 54310 or email shopping@

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