Locals urged to ‘Be there for Baltimore’

August 12th, 2021 10:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

Fundraisers Catherine Field and Elaine Haughey launching the ‘Be there for Baltimore’ initiative for the RNLI lifeboat. (Photo: Miki Barlok)

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THE ‘Be there for Baltimore’ fundraising initiative for the RNLI Baltimore Lifeboat was launched this week and donations can be made via envelopes available at local businesses.

Now that the country and county have ‘opened up’ and activities ashore and at sea are at their busiest, fundraisers for the lifeboat felt it was time to ask donors to be there for Baltimore Lifeboat, just like the lifeboat has been there for them.

Relying on the generosity of locals and visitors is central to the initiative, with people encouraged to complete their celebrations, wherever they are, with a whip-around for the brave volunteer crews.

Partnering with local hostelries in their catchment area, donors will find donor envelopes with pub owners, restauranteurs, and café operators.

RNLI Baltimore Lifeboat, just like its counterparts around the coast of Ireland, has been quietly active throughout Covid-19, answering callouts, and remaining on full-alert standby to maintain essential rescue service to islanders of West Cork, the public, and those whose living is derived from the sea.

‘There is an innate trust in our rescue services,’ said Aidan Bushe, coxswain of Baltimore Lifeboat.

‘People know they can always call on the service 24/7, and rely on experienced volunteer crews who know the area intimately and can interact with other rescue services in a timely way, saving lives and keeping people safe as they enjoy water-based activities,’ he added.

‘Whether you are a swimmer, a kayaker, a fisherman, or a sailor, the lifeboat is always there, on standby, to come to the rescue.

‘Our volunteer crews are confident that this fundraising initiative will appeal to those it serves and help us continue to maintain a relevant local service to rely on with pride,’ said Aidan.

The initiative is co-sponsored by Hopkins Marine, CH Marine, with the support of Miki Barlok Photography.

As well as the donor envelopes being available at local hostelries, donors can also call the volunteer fundraisers on 087 2540804 for further information.

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