Local residents are angered at dumping on Goat’s Path

November 8th, 2021 10:30 PM

By Jackie Keogh

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RESIDENTS in Bantry have called for an end to the dumping and the burning of waste at a privately-owned site on the Goat’s Path.

The owner of the site was contacted by The Southern Star for a comment but declined to make a statement.

It has, however, been confirmed this week that Cork County Council has the matter in hand and that the situation is being dealt with.

Residents said machinery hired by the owner was on site at the weekend and was carrying out earth works as set out by the local authority.

‘This has been used for landfill with some of the waste – primarily wood and plastic – being brought in from various building sites, including Bantry General Hospital,’ according to a local.

There is, however, no suggestion that medical grade waste was dumped on the site.

‘There is a lot of upset in the locality,’ according to the resident, but locals have welcomed the involvement of the local authority and its environmental department.

Locals are also calling on the Council to clarify if the earth has been contaminated by the dumping of waste and if it is to go into an official dump site for builders’ waste in Waterford.

‘All of this should have been going into an official landfill over the last five years,’ according to the person who initially highlighted the situation. ‘It is not okay to cut corners, to burn rubbish, especially plastic,’ he added.

‘People are fed up with dumping on the beautiful, scenic Sheep’s Head peninsula,’ he said. ‘We want to put a halt to it for environmental reasons too.’

According to the resident, the site is not far from a popular bathing spot in summer.

In response, Cork County Council said ‘a site at Goat’s Path is currently being cleared under the oversight of Cork County Council’s waste regulatory team.

‘As the investigation is ongoing, we are unable to comment further, other than to advise that appropriate testing will take place and all materials being removed are being disposed of at suitably authorised waste facilities.’

The Council said it was anticipated that works will be completed over the coming weeks.

Bantry General Hospital had no comment at time of going to press.

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