LETTER: Zionists bought their land unlike Americans

April 29th, 2018 6:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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Sir – So Daniel Teegan confessed his blinkered premises that skew his obsessions.

SIR – So Daniel Teegan confessed his blinkered premises that skew his obsessions.

No reader would persist in a British definition of the Irish. Jews take their self-definition from their own heritage – not from the forged Donation of Constantine nor any other Christian opinion. Read up the Rights of Man Art III, Patrick Pearse’s GPO proclamation and reciprocate some manners!  

Jesus - Joshua ben Joseph mi Nazareth – would have been badly insulted to be called  P(h)ilistinian. 

As an Aramaic speaker and Hebrew reader with critical suspicions about Greek culture, he would have been nonplussed to be called a ‘Christian.’

Prof Sands is controversial but not improbable making the survival of Jews and Judaism all the more remarkable, but Pappe has been in the libel courts for inaccuracies. DNA evidence, like any other, needs context, but it is beyond doubt that the Cohen / priestly ten percent of Jews have DNA back to Aaron, as a third of the Clans MacDonald and Campbell have DNA showing they are descended from the original chiefs.

Arabs may believe they were robbed like Hitler’s Germans believed they were not defeated in 1918; but the Zionists bought their land unlike Americans North and South – inclusive over thirty million of Irish heritage – who just took, and massacred the ‘Indians.’ 

More important, check your own files of 1947-48 for who rejected UN181 (and other offers before and after). Who opened the hostilities with injunctions to massacre then and since?  Who refuses to make peace because they have gulled the US and EU to feed them on charity that they embezzle?

The aboriginal claim does not stand up to British archives that Arab immigration to the Mandate paralleled Jewish immigration nor Arab records of Egyptian migration under Ibrahim Pasha’s invasion. The claim is nonsense especially in Gaza given the high frequency extra-Palestine toponyms: Masri/Misri - Egyptian; Mughrabi, Maghrebi – Westerner, i.e. North Africa beyond Egypt.

Finally, Daniel Teegan has to explain his bile, his blinkered imbalance, and Nelson eye that the present Arab World – as Christian shopkeepers are burnt out of North Africa Egypt, Iraq and Syria – is an imperialist imposition of power and intolerant religion that exploded out of the Arabian Peninsula, Al Jazeera, without paying for land and imposing its own apartheid second class dhimmi status on everybody else.    

Yours faithfully,            

Frank Adam,


United Kingdom.

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