LETTER: Persecution of Dr Wakefield

April 9th, 2016 5:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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SIR – Further to recent correspondence in your columns regarding autism and the MMR vaccine, the distinguished gastro-enterologist Dr Andrew Wakefield, whose 

research detected a possible link and who merely suggested that further study 

was merited, was pilloried in the British press, had his findings misrepresented and his career in England destroyed. 

However, he is not the only researcher to have observed such a possible link. It has recently emerged that scientists in the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA established a definite connection, years ago. 

The CDC’s reaction to its own findings? According to one of their former senior scientists, they falsified, manipulated and attempted to ‘bury’ the research. 

Fortunately Dr William Thompson, now a whistleblower and who admits to having participated in the fraud, kept copies of the CDC data, which show that African-American boys are five times more likely to develop autism after MMR vaccination than other groups; or, to put it another way, MMR vaccination can lead to autism in any group, but it is five times more likely to produce such an effect in African-American boys. 

Dr Thompson’s and the CDC evidence is being ignored and censored and the mainstream media in general do not cover it. 

Dr Wakefield continues to be systematically referred to as ‘the disgraced Dr Wakefield’ and his MMR-Autism research is routinely described and ‘discredited’ when in truth he has been vindicated.

It is nothing short of tragic that people willing to consider this issue from angles other than that of pharmaco-medical doctrinal orthodoxy are routinely bullied into silence. 

When evidence is distorted and its publication prevented, and when orthodoxy cannot be challenged, we know that we are no longer dealing with the pursuit of truth. Two sayings come to mind in respect of the events at the CDC, and of the persecution of Dr Wakefield: ‘Great is the power of steady misrepresentation’ and ‘Follow the money.’

Yours faithfully,

Nuala Norris,


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