LETTER: Leo ‘merely the fun Taoiseach'

September 23rd, 2017 5:00 PM

By Southern Star Team


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SIR – It took a little while for me to figure out Leo Varadkar and how he'd be as Taoiseach.

SIR – It took a little while for me to figure out Leo Varadkar and how he’d be as Taoiseach. I know exactly now that he is so far showing himself to be the leader of political correctness in Ireland.

Leo appears to demand the ‘Irish change our attitudes’ in matters where he decrees there might be cause for offence caused to women, gay men and lesbian women, when by ‘attitudes,’ he seeks to tell us what we should be thinking.

We voted for gay marriage; is this not a decisive ‘change of attitude’ regardless of one’s personal thoughts?

There is a tyranny doing the rounds. When the opinion of a radio host is deemed a national crisis so important that the leader of the Irish people feels justified to step in to make us understand that he is not best pleased with this ‘attitude’ and for the rest of us to behave as to how we might think, it’s time to realise Varadkar is primarily a leader for the gay community and their easily-offended allies, first and foremost. Buzz off please, Leo, folk are a bit fed up with all this sideline stuff.

Personally, I believe that so far he has not been doing anything of substance to enhance the live of the citizens. I will begin to take notice of him if, for example, he announces the building of say,100,000 local authorities houses. 

Otherwise he is merely the fun Taoiseach and Minister For Offence & Outrage.

Robert Sullivan,


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