LETTER: Has Teegan guy anything better to do with his time!

July 1st, 2018 8:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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SIR – I do not know who or what this Teegan guy is.

SIR – I do not know who or what this Teegan guy is. Maybe the fishing around Glandore is boring or all the fish have swam away and he has nothing else to do except to find fault with only one country in the world and that is Israel.

Firstly I doubt very much if this ex-soldier Joshua exists at all except in Teegan’s mind and there are nowhere near 600 checkpoints in Judea or Samaria areas. 

Maybe he is referring to the time when the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan occupied those areas. 

There are checkpoints to all entries around the old armistice lines. Maybe 40 in all. Also, three checkpoints at the border crossings into Jordan ( formerly Palestine). Maybe Teegan can name the other ones?

There are some around Shechem, Jenin and Ramallah and some mobile ones which are set up according to the security threat.

Of course we have to check people coming in. We do not want more suicide bombers. We have had enough. Maybe Teegan would have them in West Cork instead?

I look forward to seeing Teegan in Union Hall at the end of July. Hope he doesn’t run away.

Maerton Davis,

Kfar Vradim,



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