LETTER: Colonialism gains no merit in Ireland

March 25th, 2018 8:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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SIR – I respond to a letter which I received from one of your Israeli correspondents, Mr Maerton Davis, wherein he ponders ‘why out of all the world’s problems, you only fault Israel.’

Well, Mr Davis, it is all about the ethnic cleansing and banishment of native Palestinians in favour of opportunistic migrants of the Jewish persuasion.

 This has continued since 1947 when lame duck Truman became president of the US, supported by some m from pro-Zionist Americans and gave recognition to an Israeli state, thus starting 70 years of Israeli zionist colonialism with oppression, injustice and deprivation of human rights for Palestinians.

This injustice has continued ever since supported by AIPAC the ultra-wealthy American Israel Public Affairs Committee which makes or breaks US politicians and virtually dictates US foreign policy.

Mr Davis might reflect upon the English and Scottish colonial ‘plantations of Ulster, Leinster and Munster,’ when the choice for our ancestors was ‘to hell or to Connacht.’ It took 800 years for us to gain independence. So, colonialism gains no merit in Ireland.

The colonial plantation of Palestine continues, now supported by a rogue US president whose election campaign was massively supported by AIPAC money and, today, some 600,000 illegal Jewish settlers occupy Palestinian lands. Mr Davis, these illegal Jewish settlements have been condemned by most countries in the world at the UN.

Thus, Mr Davis, world opinion has condemned the Israeli oppression, dispossession and injustice of Palestinians.

You state in your letter ‘you won’t change my mind and I probably won’t change yours either.’ No, Mr Davis, you would never convince me to accept the injustice meted out by your fellow settlers and the armed thugs of the Israeli Defence Forces on the native Palestinians.

You may have ‘lived under terror attacks from katusha rockets,’ but remember, under international law and the Geneva Convention, the people who live under oppressive occupation can lawfully apply whatever force there is at their disposal in resisting that occupation. 

Yours sincerely, 

Daniel Teegan. 

Union Hall. 

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