LETTER: Climate change a ‘made-up issue'

May 26th, 2019 8:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

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SIR – As part of the 99.9% of the world population who don't think about climate change and related made-up issues, from birth to death, I also do not give a toss for all the hype associated with the damning of a sunny day by the fanatics.

The citizens of the world are blamed for plastic in the oceans, yet governments are not calling for the making of the stuff to cease. Oh ... ‘and what about your children and our children’s children?’ are merely calls from the haughty and the arrogant.

They do not care a jot for anyone else but themselves and their unfounded dictatorial ‘vision’ primarily concerned with cashing in on the dictatorial schemes of half-baked pseudo science and assorted vested interests. A platform for otherwise failed scientists and ageing hippies is the genesis of the nonsense we are bombarded with in the ‘new enlightenment.’

The planet will see us all shuffle off in time, and as it is we've overstayed our allotted span of existence; so just enjoy life and the weather as it comes and goes, all of you alarmist clowns.

It is the wars of the ‘civilised’ which are killing and starving our children for the most part. Tackle reality as opposed to what may or not happen in a million years or more.

Cry for the children we see in immediate danger of annihilation from ‘democracy’ and its weapons of death and all the other political misnomers in the name of ‘freedom’ when families are killed and starved in the name of humanity through wars. The climate / weather is harmless by comparison.

Wake up. Your man-made climate change gravy train has wheels of clay.

Robert Sullivan,


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