LETTER: Attitude of letter writers to Zionism

July 7th, 2018 5:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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SIR – Kipling once asked, ‘What do they know of England who only England know?'  Ditto Arab Palestine and the narrow and rigid mindset of its apology for Arab leadership

SIR – Kipling once asked, ‘What do they know of England who only England know?’  Ditto Arab Palestine and the narrow and rigid mindset of its apology for Arab leadership; both France and Alfred’s England gave Danelaw and Normandy to invading Norse then let culture and economics absorb them. Hindu India put up with Mogul imperialists till the British and the partition rioters sent them packing.  

Given the Storey and Teegan attitude to Zionism, would it be any more PC in Argentina or Uganda and why is Argentina and all other American states kosher to them by conquest but not Israel by purchase?  Why in their eyes is Arab imperialism from the Ocean to the Gulf’ kosher but Jewish purchases from Dan to Beer Sheba not so?  

Palestine originally included Hashemite Jordan and even in Western ‘Cis-Jordan’ and Arava Rift half the area was  the desert of Beer Sheba Sub-District with its careful British-drawn borders, camel mounted police and 14,000 bedouin distinct from Hebron and Gaza Sub-Districts permanent villages and agriculture. The total owned land in all the Mandate was 30% of the acreage and the rest (medieval) waste or crown lands legally transferred with regime.

Of the freehold 30%, Zionists bought 6% and two-thirds of them settled in the three main towns and maybe a fifth rural. They did not displace existing Arab farmers nor townees and all the troubles before 1945 were at the behest of Arab landlords – as bad as the Boycott sort – who failed to take up British offers of an Arab Agency or an Arab State when offered by Peel or the UN.  

The thieves were those Arab landlords – flavour of the month in Irish history – who sold land to Zionists, then went to war in 1948 and 1967 to steal it back, and have been whingeing since that they lost a war of their own choice.  If you can’t take the bruises stay off the Rugger pitch!   

For the 15,000 dead Arabs in 1948 please! Please give us the sources! Arab authorities are totally coy about their records and opening their archives - even to their own people.  As for the latest Gaza conflicts, since 1918, we all know that disproportionate casualties are a function of ‘lions led by donkeys.’

For contempt for international law and ethnic cleansing, do read the covenants of the PLO, Hamas and Hizbollah.  They – and who are they to declare UN and League decisions to be null and void but they do? They also wrote in that they intend to deport or kill all Jews in Palestine – and the World.  

For the moment I defy anybody to cite a general right of return to war refugees in international law chapter and verse or even an unconditional such right in Palestine. Declarations of Human Rights presume peacetime and Hamas and Hizbollah only recognise sharia and war with Israel.  

Find if you can a legal clause that forbids Israel to keep its capital where it sovereignly decides, or makes it an offence for the US or any other power, to place its embassy where it wishes.

Yours faithfully,                   

Frank Adam,



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