Leap Show held in beautiful sunshine

May 10th, 2017 8:05 AM

By Southern Star Team

Champion Foal at Leap Show was won by Patrick and Sinead O'Sullivan, Droum Leap with ‘Leap Future'. Also in photo are Eleanor Calnan, show secretary; Judge Rufina Shiel Mullen and Dominic McArdle, Irish Shows.

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Leap Horse & Pony Show was successfully held on May bank holiday Monday in beautiful sunshine. 

Leap Horse & Pony Show was successfully held on May bank holiday Monday in beautiful sunshine. 



Lightweight Brood Mare: 

1st: Droumbridge Lass – Patrick O’Sullivan;  2nd : Jim Kingston.

Heavyweight Brood Mare:

1st : Kilountain Silver – Denis Dullea; 2nd : Barleyhill Rose – Johnny Dillon.

Irish Draught Mare:

1st : Kilountain Silver – Denis Dullea; 2nd : Barleyhill Rose – Johnny Dillon.

Class 4 Colt Foal:

1st : Leap Future - Patrick O’Sullivan;2nd : Patrick Cronin.

Class 5 Filly Foal:

1st : Denis Dullea; 2nd : Jim Kingston.

Champion Foal:

Leap Future - Patrick O’Sullivan.

2yr old Filly/Gelding:

1st : Kilountain Della – Denis Dullea; 2nd : Bulls Eyes – John Tyner.

Coloured Class – Led:

1st : Split Decision – Brendan Walsh; 2nd : Rosscarbery Lily -  Annie Prendergast.

Coloured Class – Ridden:

1st : Rosscarbery Lily -  Annie Prendergast; 2nd : Jacko – Niamh Crowley.

Coloured Championship:

Split Decision – Brendan Walsh.

Leap Inn & Leap Show Champion Yearling Class:

1st : Ballard Oatfield Diamond – Seamus Lehane; 2nd : Lyre Boy – Billy Twomey;  3rd : Ballard Cruise – Seamus Lehane.

Young Horse Championship:

Ballard Oatfield Diamond – Seamus Lehane.

Heavyweight/Middleweight Hunter: 1st : Laherden Lord – James Lynch; 2nd: Candy Mountain – Claire O’Rourke

Lightweight Hunter:

1st : Castleisland Boy – Annie Prendergast; 2nd : Tim Holland.

Small Hunter:

1st : My Royal Dancer – Val Hyde;

2nd: Pesbly Huntingfield – Phillippe Mansergh-Wallace.

Champion Ridden Hunter:

My Royal Dancer – Val Hyde;

Supreme Champion Horse of the Show: My Royal Dancer – Val Hyde.


Open Lead Rein Class under123cm: 1st : Tyrellspass Jewels –  Kieran Murphy; 2nd : Cosford Pernilla – John Kelleher.

First Year, First Ridden:

1st : Silver – Kerry Burchill;

2nd : Sunshine – Eabha Collins.

Open First Ridden Class:

1st : Brynoila Jonqiel - Emily Widger; 2nd: Fielden Chrys-o-Lite - Emer O’Halloran.

Show Hunter Lead Rein:

1st : Crystal Waters –  Brendan O’Donovan; 2nd : Cosford Pernilla – John Kelleher.

Open Show Hunter Under 123cm: 1st : Sunshine Sue – Jill Casey; 2nd : Ballyloughlan Heather Bells – Alan Duggan.

Mini Champion:

Brynoila Jonqiel - Emily Widger.

Family Pony Class:

1st : Buster – Sean Cuinnea

2nd : Dreamer – Alianne McCarthy.

Open 128cm Show Riding Class:

1st : Mont Plesant Rosebud – Emily Widger; 2nd : Weeshe – Laura Polly.

Open 138cm Show Riding Class:

1st : Blennerville McKensie – Tim Hurley; 2nd : Whitesborn Final Say – Emily Widgen.

Open Show Hunter Under 133cm: 1st : Weeshe – Laura Polly.

Open Show Hunter Under 143cm:1st : Jet – Frankie Murphy.

Open Show Hunter Under 153cm: 1st : Lahaknock Shadow – Jane Kingston.

Pure Bred Connemara Ridden:

1st : Derrymore Paddy Finn – Phillipe Mansergh Wallace;  

2nd: Carrow Keel Jack – Tara Quill Manley.

Champion Ridden Pony:

Mont Plesant Rosebud – Emily Widger.

Show Pony Young Stock – 1yr old not exceeding 140cm:

1st : Breenybeg Lucy – John Dineen.

Show Pony Young Stock – 2yr old not exceeding 143cm:

1st : Goldengrove Tempress – Aidan Williamson.

Show Pony Young Stock – 3yr old not exceeding 145cm:

1st : Goldengrove Taullagh – Orla Whelton.

Show Pony Broodmare not exceeding 148cm:

1st : Huntroyd Easter Bunny – Dermot Horgan.

Pony Foal :

1st : Hedgefield Easter Bunny – Dermot Horgan.

Young Stock Championship:

1st: Goldengrove Tempress – Aidan Williamson;  2nd Breenybeg Lucy – John Dineen.

Connemara Pure Bred, to be led:

1st : Jet –  Gwen Murphy; 2nd :Kilpatrick lad – Alannah Sheahan.

Welsh, Section A:

1st : Barryroe Princess April – Jerry Moloney; 2nd : Fortrose Lucy – Jerry Moloney.

Welsh, Section B:

1st : Eryarth Anita – Aidan Williamson;  2nd : Janpete Chinadoll – John Dineen.

Part Bred: 1st :Blennerville McKensie – Tim Hurley; 2nd : Breenybeg Lucy – John Dineen.

Miniature Pony- 1,2,& 3 yr. old:

1st : Snelsmore Ricide – Aine O’Donovan.

Miniature Pony- 4 yr old & over:

1st Rockwood Lady – Gerard O’Driscoll;  2nd Seva Quintessa – Aine O’Donovan.

Miniture Champion:

Rockwood Lady – Gerard O’Driscoll.

Champion Led Pony:

Goldengrove Tempress – Aidan Williamson;  Reserve: Blennerville McKensie – Tim Hurley.

Supreme Pony Championship:

Goldengrove Tempress – Aidan Williamson.

Driving Class:

1st Donal Williamson;  2nd Denis Cullinane.

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