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Leap Show held in beautiful sunshine

May 10th, 2017 8:05 AM

By Southern Star Team

Leap Show held in beautiful sunshine Image
Champion Foal at Leap Show was won by Patrick and Sinead O'Sullivan, Droum Leap with ‘Leap Future'. Also in photo are Eleanor Calnan, show secretary; Judge Rufina Shiel Mullen and Dominic McArdle, Irish Shows.

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Leap Horse & Pony Show was successfully held on May bank holiday Monday in beautiful sunshine. 

Leap Horse & Pony Show was successfully held on May bank holiday Monday in beautiful sunshine. 



Lightweight Brood Mare: 

1st: Droumbridge Lass – Patrick O’Sullivan;  2nd : Jim Kingston.

Heavyweight Brood Mare:

1st : Kilountain Silver – Denis Dullea; 2nd : Barleyhill Rose – Johnny Dillon.

Irish Draught Mare:

1st : Kilountain Silver – Denis Dullea; 2nd : Barleyhill Rose – Johnny Dillon.

Class 4 Colt Foal:

1st : Leap Future - Patrick O’Sullivan;2nd : Patrick Cronin.

Class 5 Filly Foal:

1st : Denis Dullea; 2nd : Jim Kingston.

Champion Foal:

Leap Future - Patrick O’Sullivan.

2yr old Filly/Gelding:

1st : Kilountain Della – Denis Dullea; 2nd : Bulls Eyes – John Tyner.

Coloured Class – Led:

1st : Split Decision – Brendan Walsh; 2nd : Rosscarbery Lily -  Annie Prendergast.

Coloured Class – Ridden:

1st : Rosscarbery Lily -  Annie Prendergast; 2nd : Jacko – Niamh Crowley.

Coloured Championship:

Split Decision – Brendan Walsh.

Leap Inn & Leap Show Champion Yearling Class:

1st : Ballard Oatfield Diamond – Seamus Lehane; 2nd : Lyre Boy – Billy Twomey;  3rd : Ballard Cruise – Seamus Lehane.

Young Horse Championship:

Ballard Oatfield Diamond – Seamus Lehane.

Heavyweight/Middleweight Hunter: 1st : Laherden Lord – James Lynch; 2nd: Candy Mountain – Claire O’Rourke

Lightweight Hunter:

1st : Castleisland Boy – Annie Prendergast; 2nd : Tim Holland.

Small Hunter:

1st : My Royal Dancer – Val Hyde;

2nd: Pesbly Huntingfield – Phillippe Mansergh-Wallace.

Champion Ridden Hunter:

My Royal Dancer – Val Hyde;

Supreme Champion Horse of the Show: My Royal Dancer – Val Hyde.


Open Lead Rein Class under123cm: 1st : Tyrellspass Jewels –  Kieran Murphy; 2nd : Cosford Pernilla – John Kelleher.

First Year, First Ridden:

1st : Silver – Kerry Burchill;

2nd : Sunshine – Eabha Collins.

Open First Ridden Class:

1st : Brynoila Jonqiel - Emily Widger; 2nd: Fielden Chrys-o-Lite - Emer O’Halloran.

Show Hunter Lead Rein:

1st : Crystal Waters –  Brendan O’Donovan; 2nd : Cosford Pernilla – John Kelleher.

Open Show Hunter Under 123cm: 1st : Sunshine Sue – Jill Casey; 2nd : Ballyloughlan Heather Bells – Alan Duggan.

Mini Champion:

Brynoila Jonqiel - Emily Widger.

Family Pony Class:

1st : Buster – Sean Cuinnea

2nd : Dreamer – Alianne McCarthy.

Open 128cm Show Riding Class:

1st : Mont Plesant Rosebud – Emily Widger; 2nd : Weeshe – Laura Polly.

Open 138cm Show Riding Class:

1st : Blennerville McKensie – Tim Hurley; 2nd : Whitesborn Final Say – Emily Widgen.

Open Show Hunter Under 133cm: 1st : Weeshe – Laura Polly.

Open Show Hunter Under 143cm:1st : Jet – Frankie Murphy.

Open Show Hunter Under 153cm: 1st : Lahaknock Shadow – Jane Kingston.

Pure Bred Connemara Ridden:

1st : Derrymore Paddy Finn – Phillipe Mansergh Wallace;  

2nd: Carrow Keel Jack – Tara Quill Manley.

Champion Ridden Pony:

Mont Plesant Rosebud – Emily Widger.

Show Pony Young Stock – 1yr old not exceeding 140cm:

1st : Breenybeg Lucy – John Dineen.

Show Pony Young Stock – 2yr old not exceeding 143cm:

1st : Goldengrove Tempress – Aidan Williamson.

Show Pony Young Stock – 3yr old not exceeding 145cm:

1st : Goldengrove Taullagh – Orla Whelton.

Show Pony Broodmare not exceeding 148cm:

1st : Huntroyd Easter Bunny – Dermot Horgan.

Pony Foal :

1st : Hedgefield Easter Bunny – Dermot Horgan.

Young Stock Championship:

1st: Goldengrove Tempress – Aidan Williamson;  2nd Breenybeg Lucy – John Dineen.

Connemara Pure Bred, to be led:

1st : Jet –  Gwen Murphy; 2nd :Kilpatrick lad – Alannah Sheahan.

Welsh, Section A:

1st : Barryroe Princess April – Jerry Moloney; 2nd : Fortrose Lucy – Jerry Moloney.

Welsh, Section B:

1st : Eryarth Anita – Aidan Williamson;  2nd : Janpete Chinadoll – John Dineen.

Part Bred: 1st :Blennerville McKensie – Tim Hurley; 2nd : Breenybeg Lucy – John Dineen.

Miniature Pony- 1,2,& 3 yr. old:

1st : Snelsmore Ricide – Aine O’Donovan.

Miniature Pony- 4 yr old & over:

1st Rockwood Lady – Gerard O’Driscoll;  2nd Seva Quintessa – Aine O’Donovan.

Miniture Champion:

Rockwood Lady – Gerard O’Driscoll.

Champion Led Pony:

Goldengrove Tempress – Aidan Williamson;  Reserve: Blennerville McKensie – Tim Hurley.

Supreme Pony Championship:

Goldengrove Tempress – Aidan Williamson.

Driving Class:

1st Donal Williamson;  2nd Denis Cullinane.

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