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Kilbrittain school fundraising to buy their very own woodlands

November 3rd, 2021 7:10 AM

By Emma Connolly

Kilbrittain school fundraising to buy their very own woodlands Image
Kilbrittain NS pupils launching their fundraiser, back row: Lucy Cronin, Oisín O’Leary, Eva Nagle, Daithí O’Donovan. Front Row: Andrea Deane, Senan O’Donovan, Meabh Kelliher, David Harrington and Brehane Walshe.

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KILBRITTAIN NS has launched a unique fundraising drive to raise €30,000 to buy the woodland at the back of their school.

The school has agreed a deal with Coillte for the sale of 0.87 hectares in Glanduff woods for the exclusive use of the school and a deposit of €3,000 was paid over the summer.

The total cost is €30,000 and they are now striving to complete the deal before the end of the year.   

Growing pupil and teacher numbers means the school is in line for a new building which will use up their existing recreational space.

‘All we’ll be left with is our pitch which, due to the weather, is only usable in September and again in May and June,’ explained Deputy Principal Niall Moynihan.

‘Just 200 yards from us we have fantastic community grounds – two pitches, a hand ball alley, a tennis court and in the future an all-weather astro turf pitch.

‘At present the children can only access the community grounds by walking down the village which can be dangerous due to traffic and due to the big class numbers that we have in Kilbrittain NS.

‘It also takes a lot of time to go this way as it has to be very controlled. It is for this reason that the school rarely uses these fantastic amenities that are on our doorstep,’ he said.

‘Of course there are numerous other benefits of having safe and secure access to our own private woods. We would be in a very privileged position of having access to our own private woodlands for the children to enjoy and explore. The educational benefits are endless.’

Principal Karen O’Donovan said it was a unique and exciting project, and a chance for the school and community to work together.

Niall added that it is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ not just for the school but for the whole community, and future generations.

The school has three special classes, and he said, the woodlands would also be ideal to help these students with their sensory needs.

See GoFundMe for more information or to donate.

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