Keep it local this Christmas with Cape Clear Island Distillery

November 27th, 2020 9:00 AM

3 SQ. MILES gin and the Coast Road gift pack are available in your local off-license.

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Award-winning local distillery teams up with three others to create the Coast Road gift pack.

Cape Clear Island Distillery, Ireland’s only island distillery, has teamed up with gin distilleries in Sliabh Liag, Galway, and Kerry in order to create a unique Irish gin sample pack.

Featuring four 100ml bottles, the “Coast Road” gift pack features handcrafted gins, all from the west coast of Ireland, making it the perfect Christmas gift for the gin lover in your life.

3 SQ. MILES Irish Coastal Gin is the offering from Cape Clear featured in the gift pack.

The recipe for 3 SQ. MILES was developed by a committee of islanders and the gin is produced in small batches.

It’s a two-day effort to create the gin, with one distillation consisting of juniper berries, coriander, and cubeb and another distillation incorporating the island-harvested fuchsia, honeysuckle, and laminaria digitata (a type of sugar kelp).

Island botanicals 

Alongside juniper, citrus and spice, the use of kelp brings a gentle aroma of sea air and on the palate there are delicate floral notes from the locally foraged fuchsia and honeysuckle.

The core flavours are pleasingly traditional and the mouthfeel is smooth and full-bodied. The finish brings warming cassia, citrusy spice from coriander seeds, a peppery kick from cubeb and subtly sweet citrus.

With tonic, some of the brighter, fresher and more floral notes are elevated on the nose and palate, resulting in a well-balanced and harmonised combination of classic gin botanicals with citrus, spice, coastal and floral notes.


The founders of Cape Clear Island Distillery have managed to overcome the challenges associated with locating the distillery on an offshore island and the gin has managed to win several awards at prestigious international competitions, including Gold at the 2020 Bartender Spirits Awards in San Francisco.

Bespoke Bottles

Cape Clear Island Distillery also produces bespoke engraved bottles.

Perfect for a big birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, customers can have their messages engraved into a bottle of the award-winning gin, along with a variety of images (see inset).

Order yours today at:

3 SQ. MILES gin and the Coast Road gift pack are available in your local off-license.

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