Karting track ‘won’t break noise rules’ – developer

February 22nd, 2023 11:45 AM

By Jackie Keogh

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A DEVELOPER seeking to establish a go-karting track in Rosscarbery has assured residents that it is ‘an amusement grade activity.’

Geoff Wycherley, who owns and operates Smuggler’s Cove, pointed out that the karts are designed to carry single and double riders and are suitable for both parents and children.

He said he has carried out a noise study and it shows the noise levels to be within ‘the allowed day time criterion by local authorities.’

Despite his reassurances, the planning application is being met with local opposition after several submissions were lodged with Cork County Council’s planning department before Monday’s deadline.

The application, on behalf of Totus Leisure Ltd, was submitted on January 9th and the Council’s decision is due on March 6th. Some locals say the proposed amenity at Maul and Curraheen in Rosscarbery could be ‘disruptive’.

Objectors refer to the lack of detail in the proposal regarding ‘operating hours and noise, environment and traffic issues’ while others insist that there is no noise report attached to the planning file.

One person called for a traffic impact assessment, claiming there would be a substantial increase in traffic, while others warn that there could be a detrimental impact to nearby residents, the local environment and wildlife.

Geoff Wycherley said the application for a ‘Family Fun Go Karting’ activity would complement the existing facilities they provide.

He pointed out that Smuggler’s Cove is an outdoor family activity centre that has, over the past 10 years, grown steadily to add innovative family activities. 

If the planning application is successful, he added, it will involve a significant capital investment, the addition of 11 new jobs, and a spin-off for the local economy.

‘Smuggler’s Cove welcomes 60,000 visitors per annum to Rosscarbery,’ he added, ‘and it currently employs 24 full and part-time staff.’

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