Is this Ireland’s biggest pothole?

August 17th, 2021 11:45 AM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Inchydoney student Luke McCormack, who is over 6ft tall himself, stands waist-deep in a dangerous pothole on the Causeway Rd outside Clonakilty.

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A STUDENT from Inchydoney says he may have found Ireland’s largest pothole – on the road to the popular beach, which is one of Ireland’s busiest.

Luke McCormack, at over 6ft himself, posed in the hole on the Causeway Road out of Clonakilty, to highlight the danger. In the picture, the hole is almost up to his waist.

Speaking to The Southern Star, the MIT engineering student, whose aunt is well-known hotelier Dena O’Donovan, said he first reported the matter to Cork County Council in May, but the pothole remains unfilled three months later.

‘It’s a big enough pothole and you could easily fall into it,’ said Luke, adding if a car passed a pedestrian while walking on the busy road, they would have to move into the inside of the road and could land in the pothole.

‘I rang up the Council office in May and left a message about it, but no one got back to me,’ he explained. ‘Here we are in August and it still hasn’t been filled. My mum even rang them up in recent weeks to alert staff that it was still there, and she was told they would “look at it”.’

However, a cone has since been placed outside the pothole to alert road users to it.

‘It really needs to be fixed now. I said I’d stand in there to show just how deep it is.’

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