Inchydoney lifeboat rescue effort successful

July 11th, 2022 2:56 PM

By Dylan Mangan

Seán O’Leary and Tom Neville on board Réalt na hInse III.

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A PERSON was rescued by a community lifeboat after coming into difficulty while swimming in the sea at Inchydoney beach last Saturday.

The Inchydoney Inshore Lifeboat Association confirmed the rescue in a statement on their Facebook page: ‘At approximately 14.30 this afternoon a lifeguard on duty spotted a person swimming out to sea off the western beach at Inchydoney… they became worried as the person was swimming erratically and radioed the lifeguard station that the person might need assistance.’

The crew of Inchydoney Lifeboat 'Realt na hInse' launched immediately from the slipway upon hearing the news over the radio.

The crew pulled alongside and took the person into the lifeboat before returning them into the care of the lifeguards, where no medical treatment was required.

‘We at Inchydoney Lifeboat were delighted at the positive outcome of this incident and would like to thank the lifeguards for their excellent surveillance, along with the lifeboat crew for their quick response, on what was an extremely busy day at Inchydoney,’ they said.

‘The Lifeboat and Lifeguards work as a team to ensure everyone who visits Inchydoney, enjoy themselves in a safe manner.’

Swimmers are advised to always swim parallel to the shore, and between the red/yellow flags to ensure their safety.

Swimmers at Inchydoney should never enter the eastern/western channels due to rip currents.

Inchydoney Inshore Lifeboat Association is run by a volunteer committee of locals who are interested in water safety at Inchydoney Beach, and has been a community funded effort since 1970.

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