‘Hard-pressed' to miss Skibb's parade highlight

March 17th, 2018 2:25 PM

By Jackie Keogh

Artist Michael Greenlaw painting the big wheel for Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre's entry to St. Patrick's Day Parade in Skibbereen.

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A giant movable printing press promises to be among the star attractions  at this year's St Patrick's Day Parade in Skibbereen.

A GIANT movable printing press promises to be among the star attractions  at this year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade in Skibbereen.

Charlotte Donovan, a print maker, and Michael Greenlaw, were commissioned by the West Cork Arts Centre to create the work, which was inspired by memories of the Columbia Press.

The fact that the Columbia Press has a giant American eagle on top got them thinking about The Skibbereen Eagle newspaper and Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa’s Phoenix National Literary Society, so they decided to make it with a phoenix on top. 

‘The Parade Press’ sculpture will be churning out prints as it makes its way from the playground at 4.30pm on Saturday, to North Street, Main Street and Bridge Street before ending up at the Fairfield.

For much of their artistic careers, Charlotte and Michael – who are originally from Scotland but now live in Leap – have worked with communities creating art projects and this was no exception.

Since mid-February they have been welcoming people into Studio 3 at Uillinn to take part in the project. Charlotte ran free print workshops for 50 people, while Michael drew on the support of Dick Roycroft, George Roycroft, Andrei from Ballydehob, and Isabel Donovan who made the phoenix.

The participants will push ‘The Parade Press’ through the streets and hand out the complimentary prints in the manner of those who used to disseminate their ideas using the very first printing presses.

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