Graham says his new gin is ‘just the tonic'

February 10th, 2019 10:05 PM

By Emma Connolly

Graham's new gin.

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We've all heard of Gordon's Gin, but now it's the turn of Graham. 

WE’VE all heard of Gordon’s Gin, but now it’s the turn of Graham. 

That’s West Cork’s own Graham Norton, more specifically, who has just launched his own gin.

The Bandon man posted a picture of his gin on his Instagram page in recent days with the comment: ‘Just the tonic! Friday in a bottle .... From West Cork to a glass near you. Slàinte!!’

In an attractive purple hued bottle the label describes it as a ‘premium gin of West Cork’ which has ‘citrus zest embraced by the sweetness of fuschia petals.’

His post was liked over 40,000 times with over 1,800 enthusiastic comments. One even asked if it was available in the US. 

The broadcaster and writer already makes award winning GN Pinot rosé, Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc wines with New Zealand producer Invivo. 

A known gin lover, Graham last summer posted a picture of Beara Gin on his Instagram page. 


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